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Energetic care for animals, Bach Flowers and Crystal Elixirs

Who am I ?

All my life I’ve felt a very strong connection with the animal and natural world. When I was growing up, I loved escaping into the forest, and taking treks along the steep paths of our beautiful Swiss mountains. As an adult my travels have taken me from the isolated plains of Patagonia, to the magical fjords of the Nordic countries.

Coming from a family of nature lovers and homeopaths, I have always been aware of the benefits of natural medicine, and believe this should be extended to animals too. I was certified in Canine and Feline Massage therapy by the Holoïde Center (See Certificate) and fully certified in Energy Care as per Michèle Charrière's method (See Energy care Diploma). Further, I am always eager to learn new complementary methods to massage, such as energy care, dowsing and animal communication. My goal is to improve the well-being of animals by adapting the treatment to the character and type of each. I want to help all species of animals - from hamster to cow - get the treatment they need and deserve.

I am fully active in various animal welfare associations, and regularly work as a volunteer massage therapist at the Fribourg shelter. My love of animals, and respect for all  life, means I live my life as a vegan.

The story of Les 3 Truffes

My First Truffle

I first crossed paths with Zizou in 2015. Born in 2008, he’s a little crossbreed dog who was waiting for his new family in a shelter in St-Legier. Zizou was a dog filled with love and good will but was having trouble managing his emotions. He was anxious and easily disturbed, and I must admit that the first months of his new life with me were pretty difficult. To help him, I turned to various natural methods, including massage therapy. The massages produced great results, and this encouraged me train for my new career as a massage therapist. I was on my way!

My Second Truffle

In 2017, Bahia unexpectedly came into my life. At the time she was being nurtured and cared for by an association in Greece called “Help a Greek Stray”, who had been taking care of her at their Pyrgos shelter for five years. When I saw her on the internet, I instantly developed a crush for this sweet one-eyed dog, who seemed crippled by life. Unable to let her sit in the shelter any longer, I flew down to Greece to meet her and it was true love when I saw her for the first time - our lives from then on have been lived side by side.

My Third Truffle

In 2018, Tchailo the chocolate Labrador moved in with me, Zizou and Bahia . . . and I let his human (Olivier) move in too ;-) Tchailo was born in 2008 and adopted by Olivier at the age of 8. I massage him regularly, which allows him to still enjoy beautiful walks in the forest with the rest of us and stay fit in his old age. Tchailo is the quiet strength and wisdom of this endearing Trio of Truffles.

Les 3 Truffes was born in 2019.