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What pets owners all say about us... Thank you for your trust!

  • Newspaper article in La Gruyère, dated March 3, 2020 (Article)
  • Newspaper article in SPA Fribourg Magazine (FR/DE), dated October 2020 (Article Oct,2020)



Nahii Energy Care

"Geraldine was a great help, first for my horse and then for both of us! I have seen real changes that are still going on today, both physically and mentally. Thank you so much for stepping in to help us improve our relationship!"

Massage and Nahii Energy care

"Our dog Nunki has had joint pains and as a result of that came many fears. She was associating her pain with the outside world and it was becoming a problem to take her out. Thanks to Geraldine everything is now back to normal. A gentle massage , plus a remote Nahii energy care were all that was needed to clear up the situation. Within a few days her behavior changed and she regained her pleasure to go out. A big thank you to Geraldine from us and also from Nunki".

Regular treatments

" Dear Geraldine, we are 2 Bichons Frisés and we are so happy our * Boss * found you. I am a boy 12 almost 13 years old and of course not as flexible anymore as in younger year's but since I have the chance to have regularly my treatment, I have again fun to play and run around in the garden. My younger sister is more fragile, because of a hip problem, so Geraldine's treatment is doing her very good as well. We thank her very much."

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