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Massage therapy and energetic care for animals


Prepare your pet before the massage

Each animal will react differently to massages. Some will immediately feel at ease, others will require more patience and time to relax. In all cases, it is recommended not to feed the animal less than two hours before the therapy and allow him or her to relieve themselves before the start of the session.

Why and when do you massage your pet?

Like humans, animals can suffer from a variety of pains, whether physical or psychological. These can occur after an operation, a physical or emotional trauma, or it could be due to age, stress or an emotionally painful past.

At the physical level, a massage helps to release tension, soothes muscle contractures, increases muscle tone and stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation. It also serves to drain toxins and, following an operation or shock, it can allow for a faster recovery.

At the emotional level, it helps relax the animal, can reduce stress, and help them regain confidence in their relationship with humans. It can improve the well-being of all animals.

Massage Types

NOTE: Massage does not replace a consultation with the veterinarian. If in doubt about the physical health of the animal, it is best to first get the vet's diagnosis. Massage is an additional benefit to your vet's monitoring of your animal's health.

Relaxing massage

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps the animal to calm down, to relax and rest
  • Ideal as a first massage

Maintenance massage

  • Helps to maintain a good general shape
  • Helps to detect and prevent problems such as pain, sensitive areas, lack of amplitude of some members, etc.
  • The work will be adapted according to the tensions and / or pain points encountered

Post-operation massage

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling around the operated point of the body
  • Helps to limit pain and discomfort caused by postoperative immobilization
  • Improves or maintains the range of motion after limb surgery
  • Limits the atrophy of muscles
  • Releases muscle tension due to compensation

For this type of massage, it is particularly recommended to work in collaboration with the veterinarian.

Massage for older animals

  • Allows for greater mobility by loosening tissue and relieving tension
  • Reduces joint pain due to age
  • Improves circulation and helps maintain a good immune system

Nahii Care

"Nahii" energy therapy by sound, colors and universal codes

First developed by Michelle Charrière, the "Nahii" healing method is a new and innovative therapy that combines intuitive magnetism, colors, universal codes and Tibetan singing bowls. 

he goal of the treatment is to harmonize and rebalance your animal’s energies, and help detect and soothe any emotional problems your animal(s) might have. The treatment is usually done remotely - typically using a photograph - but it can also be performed in person, on request, for larger animals, directly in their stable or other dwelling.

This therapy is particularly beneficial for rescued animals that might be stressed or anxious due, for example, to a traumatic or troubled past.  It is also recommended for animals who may be approaching the end of their life, or animals that have had a noticeable or sudden change in behavior.

While improvements in behaviour can usually be noticed from the first treatment, some cases may require several sessions.

Nahii Hum-Ani Care

"Nahii Hum-Ani" therapy is a joint care between the animal and its human, this is an healing method by sound, colors and universal codes

The "Nahii Hum-Ani" healing method is an innovative therapy that combines intuitive magnetism, colors, universal codes and Tibetan singing bowls. 

It is never by chance that an animal comes into our lives. They are wonderful guides. However, sometimes it happens that we have difficulties to understand each other, that the reactions or behaviors of our animal is annoying to us, whereas very often they are related to what we feel or experience.

Without us realizing it, our animal shows us the way and helps us understand who we are. Nahii Hum-Ani care is a joint care between you and your animal, it will work on the bonds that unite you, act deeply on the emotions, the wounds of the soul, the blockages, the beliefs and aims to help the animal and its human to move forward together, to evolve hand in paw.

Sometimes this is a Nahii treatment for the animal that needs to be done first, or an energetic treatment for the human, sometimes for both, and sometimes a Nahii Hum-Ani treatment will be directly the key to unblock a situation and both of you will be able to move forward. Every situation is different.

It is not uncommon that when there is an emotion unblocked in one, it positively influences the other. This care, however, is no substitute for good education.

Energy Therapy for humans

Energy therapy for humans through the sound of tibetan bowls and universal codes.

This treatment combines sound therapy and universal codes. It works on the release of emotions, deep wounds, helps to release emotional blockages and old memories. The measurements of the different chakras as well as the vital energy is measured and harmonized. This energetic treatment is done at a distance and is followed by a precise feedback by phone.

A face-to-face treatment in the practice is also offered. This treatment allows, among other things, to measure the general vibratory rate as well as the vital energy of the chakras and different organs. When these rates are low, they strongly influence health.  Quantum therapy makes it possible to establish a precise energy balance and to analyze the disturbances in order to reharmonize them. The energy balance is established at the beginning and at the end of the treatment.

Bach Flowers and Crystal Elixirs

Les 3 Truffes also offer blends of Bach Flowers and Crystal Elixirs to accompany the treatments.

Bach Flowers

Bach Flowers help on an emotional level and support long-term therapeutic treatment.  We can work with a single flower or with a mixture of several flowers that will be chosen according to the needs of each animal or human.

Crystal Elixirs

Les 3 Truffes work with Crystal Elixirs from Biofloral, which are made with great care and dynamized according to an ancestral method. This gives the Elixirs an exceptional vibratory rate. They act in depth in order to restore energetic harmony and work, among other things, on the anchored memories. We can work with a single elixir or with a mixture, as with Bach flowers.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

News 2022

Les 3 Truffes extend their services in 2022 and offer Energy care for humans as well as Bioresonance Therapy for animals and humans. new section to come soon!

Please contact us for more details!